Introducing Smoque Steak

We make smoked and seared steaks.

We think these steaks are so distinctive and delicious that we were inspired to create a new kind of steakhouse.

A steak, after all, is the culinary expression of our most primal instincts. Yet the experience of going out for a great steak has become steeped in extravagance and excess.

We Offer Something

Smoque Steak eschews these conventional steakhouse values of excess and opulence, and instead focuses on excellence, hospitality, accessibility, value, and convenience.

Our core premises—that a steakhouse need not be grandiose to be special, pretentious to be unique, or exorbitant to be great—have informed every decision and detail, from the steak itself to the casual atmosphere and carefully orchestrated hospitality.

We cannot wait to have you in to try one of our special steaks, along with our classic side dishes, appetizers, cocktails, and desserts.

has begun:

3310 N. Elston,
Chicago, IL 60618